Photography tips and Tutorials

Do you want to learn photography? Do you want to maximize the capabilities and features of your new Nikon digital camera or DSLR? Heck, any camera should do the trick. If your answer is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here, you will find tips and guides on the basics of photography such as camera settings, composition, lighting and more. Feel free to read the write-ups on this website and improve your skills in photography in no time.

There are no rigid sets of rules when it comes to photography. Your camera is just a tool you can use to share your vision with the world. The tutorials and photography tips provided should help you to improve your photography skills. More photography tips and tutorials will be added on a regular basis so check back often.

Photography Basics

Composition: Realizing your vision

A tutorial discussing how to effectively compose your photos. It shows you various techniques and photography rules you can follow to be more effective with your composition. Techniques listed include: selecting a focal point, "the rule of thirds", keeping it simple, making use of lines and framing.

Getting to know File Formats

An introduction to the most popular digital image file formats. Shows you which file format is the best to use for your specific needs. It covers the JPEG, GIF, TIFF and RAW file formats and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each format. The guide also details which format is best for printing, image editing and for use on the Web.

Image-Editing Tutorials using Photoshop

Flawless flesh in Photoshop

Flawless flesh tutorial The flawless flesh tutorial will show you how to achieve a natural looking smooth flesh tone when correcting blemishes and bad lighting in portrait shots. This is a must for most people images... you can amaze your friends by making them look like professional models!

Color is the new black - Selective Desaturation

Sometimes a boring background can ruin an image. An easy way to remedy this is by desaturating everything except your main subject. In the process you add immediate focus on your main subject and it looks pretty good too!

Colour to monochrome: 4 methods to black and white

Monochrome Tutorial There are various different ways that you can get your colour images converted to black and white. This tutorial will show you the four methods to go from colour to monochrome using Photoshop. This includes desaturation, converting to greyscale, using lab mode and using the channel mixer

Realistic Aged Sepia Tutorial

Sepia Tutorial Discover how you can create a realistic aged look for your digital photographs. This tutorial shows you how to create an aged sepia look and feel in just a few easy steps.

Remove photo backgrounds using Quickmask

Removing backgrounds from photos Learn how to remove and replace the backgrounds of your photos with a solid color, leaving only the subject visible. Great for creating product shots for eBay auctions.

Top Articles:

Flawless FleshFlawless Flesh
Learn how to fix and hide skin blemishes. Create that cover model look for yourself.

Selective desaturation tutorialSelective Desaturation
Add some character to your images by leaving only your subject in full colour.

ImageRemove photo backgrounds
Learn how to remove and replace the backgrounds of your photos with a solid color. Great for creating product shots for eBay auctions.

Battery GuideBattery Guide

Learn everything you need to know about digital camera batteries. Includes handy tips on battery care and how to get the most from your batteries.