Benefits of digital photography:

Digital photography has become easier and more affordable during the last couple of years. The biggest expense will be the initial investment in your digital camera, digital media and other accessories for your camera. Whilst most entry-level digital cameras are still slightly more expensive than their film equivalents there has never been a better time to convert to digital photography.

Digital photography has various benefits over traditional film photography.

  • More Cost effective:

    Uses No film: Digital cameras donít use film so you arenít saddled with the recurring cost of having to buy film. They store your images on memory cards that are reusable. You only need to invest in large capacity storage media for your camera once. Depending on the storage space on your memory card you can store hundreds of photos, so you will not have to worry about film running out on a crucial moment.

    Once your memory card is full, you can easily download the photos to your computer freeing up your memory card for new photos. If the storage space on your memory card is running low, you can also delete the shots you donít want to keep.

    Save on Printing costs: When printing your digital photographs you can pick and choose only the photos you want to print. You donít pay for prints you donít want, saving you quite a lot on printing costs.

  • Instant previews:

    Once you have taken a photo you can instantly preview it using the preview screen of your camera. You can easily see if the shot has worked out or not. With digital photography you wonít ever get a nasty surprise with a ruined photo only showing up after itís been developed and printed (like it used to with film photography).
  • Easy to share

    Digital photos are extremely easy to share. You can upload them to your website, e-mail them to friends, store them on CDís and even create DVD slideshows of your treasured memories.

    With e-mail there is no risk that photos will get lost in the post. You can send your photos to friends and family across the world, easily and effortlessly. Try doing that with film photography!

  • Easy to experiment

    With digital photography you are free to experiment to your heartís content. Itís a great learning tool for people just starting out with photography. Not only can you preview your photos immediately after taking them, but you can easily delete the shots that didnít work out. Best of all it wonít cost you anything apart from the time and effort it takes to experiment with the different settings and angles.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Believe it or not, but digital photography is also much more environmentally friendly than the film counterparts. Since digital photos can be processed digitally there is no need to use harmful chemicals that need to be disposed of.

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